Waste metal management.

Walkden Metals are Registered and licensed by the environment agency (NSO 546084).

Environmental legislation has led to the adoption of effective waste management polices in modern plant, but not so much care have been taken with waste in the past.

The modern treatment of waste is dictated by such factors as the quantity produced, their suitability for recycling and the hazard they represent.
The amount of metal waste requiring disposal by land fill sites has decreased over the last few decades as recycling has become more widely practiced and improvements in process operations have reduced the quantity of waste per tonne of metal produced.

It is the usual practice for works producing moderate quantities of waste to store them in bundled sites within the works until there is sufficient for cost-effective disposal to a Recycling Specialist like Walkden Metals.

Less hazardous wastes which cannot be recycled are disposed of to licensed waste disposal sites.


Waste Carrier Registration

Any company or organisation in the UK carrying controlled waste as a part of its business (other than waste produced by themselves) must be registered by one of the agencies. For construction waste, even businesses carrying their own wastes need to be registered. This is a vital link in the waste Duty of Care to protect people and the environment from illegal waste management and disposal