Since December 2012 The Government introduced a ‘Cash Ban’ across the scrap metal industry. So we have to set up accounts for everyone.

To make this simpler we have 3 choices for your payment.

Option 1 – Bank Transfer

Next Day Transfer

Same Day Transfer (Fee’s Apply)

Option 2 – Cheque Payment

Cheque printed at our yard for you to take away and pay into your bank.

Option 3 – Prepaid Card

A prepaid Card which will be linked to your account, Which can be used in Shops, Stores and ATM’S Like a normal Debit Card. (This is subject to card issuer charges and fees).

You will need to bring with you Formal Identification and your Bank Details, to set up the Card.

The best method is with a Photocard Driving Licence, this enables us to process Your application easier, and saves you time.

The other method you will need an up to date Photo Passport and a Utility Bill with your name and your address. This Utility bill must be no older than 2 months.


Our Prepaid cards are Supplied through Incendiaprepaid scheme. You can use this to check you account balance online. Click the logo below to login to your account.


Full Details Contact us on 01204 793758


ID Requirements

I.D is required for all methods of payment.

Photo ID
  A valid UK photo driving licence 
  A valid UK passport
  A valid EEA passport
  A valid UK biometric immigration document
  A valid EU National ID card
  A valid UK Firearm/Shotgun licence

If your photo ID does not show a current address, you must also provide:
  A bank or building society statement 
  A credit or debit card statement
  A mortgage statement
  A council tax demand letter or statement
  A council rent book/Benefit book
  A council/Housing Association agreement
  HMRC correspondence
  A TV licence
  A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill)
  A water bill